Sherlock : Cheers!!! John!
John : *what’s this…?*

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Gatiss saying Sherlock is like Darcy is such a great comparison though, because one of those characters is so awkward about showing he cares that the object of his affection thought he was an unfeeling asshole, and the other one is Fitzwilliam Darcy 

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We are at the halfway point in Funding( 10K) but we have one week left!  I know some folks have been waiting. Right now we need your pledges! We have PERSONAL writing tutors from our Eisner Nominated writers available, including a PERSONAL novel review from Lyndsay Faye. We have commissions and original art available. We got other cool stuff. Backers of 10 dollars and above will get extra material including other stories from New Paradigm.  We also will be doing the most loyal version of Irene Adler- yet the most modern, written by Lyndsay Faye!  

Heres an article from a few days ago


The WATSON AND HOLMES Kickstarter needs a lot more help if we’re going to make it to $20,000!  If we make it, you’ll get to see my adapated versions of “The Solitary Cyclist,” starring Violette Okeke-Smith, as well as “A Scandal in Bohemia,” starring the infamous indie vocalist Irene Adlero.

WATSON AND HOLMES, conceived by New Paradigm Studios’ Publisher BRANDON PERLOW and writer/artist PAUL MENDOZA, is a re-envisioning of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson as African Americans living in New York City’s famous Harlem district. Watson, an Afghanistan war vet, works in an inner-city clinic; Holmes, a local P.I. who takes unusual cases.

The physical investment reward copies printed in this Kickstarter will only be printed for this campaign as a Kickstarter exclusive. NO WHERE ELSE. Plus all physical WATSON AND HOLMES copies will be signed by the creative team. 

Not to mention we have a slew of other exciting investment returns that include being drawn in one of our premiere titles to original artwork done by Rick Leonardi, N.Steven Harris, Dennis Calero, etc.

As you can see from the artwork alone, WATSON AND HOLMES is an amazing project, but they have also won a Glyph Award and been nominated for two Eisners!

Please help us get Volume Two on the shelves!

This is a nice project. Please consider backing it.

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Someone PLEASE explain this scene to me. How the fuck did he have his narcotic drip with him at a restaurant!!!!?????!!!!!! Because I always thought this was a ‘mind palace’ scene until I realized it was when he negotiated the info swap with Magnussen.

The best I can do is say when I photographed infants in the hospital they encouraged moms who had had a Caesarian to get up and move around (presumably to prevent clotting?) so it was common to have all their drips on a pole. This included medication. So… the best I can guess is they have that capability, to make him somewhat mobile. Since it is too early walk around yet, I would assume he had it set up this way to allow himself the ability to go pee. I could see him conning them into doing it for him.

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Robin Williams, suicide, depression, and whatever it takes to live

If you are reading this and are suicidal… consider this a message from a total stranger telling you to live.

Live some more.
I know I don’t know you. Not really. Probably not at all.
I would guess you think no one does. And you might be right.
But, still. Don’t take yourself out of life. Not because everything magically gets better. But because it might. It could. But if you are dead it won’t.

I hope the Universe puts this message out there for me to find, should I need it sometime.


First Barbican Post

As I told you yesterday semioticsofdeduction and I did the Hidden Barbican Tour with the wondeful Julian Fox, the keeper of Barbican’s stage door. And since we learned so many interesting things and were allowed to take pictures, I will do a few posts about it this week.

Because of reasons, I’ll start with the auditorium. I tried to take as many different angles as possible, so that you guys get an overview. It was designed by the Royal Shakespear Company and it has 1.156 seats. The RSC wanted the audience to be near and so no seat is further afar than 21 meters. The camera makes it look bigger. When Julian opened the curtain, we were all surprised at how close everything is. It has no centre aisle, but every row has a door on each side. Every little light on the side walls demarcates a door.

In the first three pictures of the auditorium you can see the stalls, and the next ones show you the circle, the upper circle and the gallery. I don’t know if you can see it, but the higher the seatings the nearer to the stage they are build. The upper circle overlaps the circle and the same happens to the gallery.

Julian told us the the seats have been voted by the audience as the most comfortable ones in London. And the curtain is not a curtain. It is a silver metal barier that disappears up and down. So the line that you see on the last pic is not the stage line, it’s just the separation line of the curtain. The stage is lower.

That’s it for today. Way to much information, I know, but it was such a great experience to get to know all this. If you have any questions, ask away.

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I’ve decided to express my judgment of celebrities’ apparent technical skills by guessing what their wireless networks are called.

Steven Moffat: ╦┐◤︻㍕┻═▄
Mark Gatiss: MI5 Surveillance Van #4458
Benedict Cumberbatch: linksys


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